Old Rupp Snowmobile racing pics - check this out!


casbeer87: I seen your post with all those engine mounts. I am rebuilding a 1972 Rupp Yankee 30 and the engine mounts were so rusted we end up cutting them off. Any chance you would part with some bolts? It uses the mount on the left in your picture. Oct 29, 2014 22:13:21 GMT -6
Recoil: Anyone know what sleds used a xenoah 242cc? Oct 30, 2014 9:19:48 GMT -6
red19lite: chaparral and some ultralight Oct 30, 2014 12:14:23 GMT -6
smerrill: red19lite, Do you know where I can get a pair of (.5mm over or 1mm over pistons for a G34BSS. ooks like I will have to bore the cylinders to get them cleaned up. Nov 6, 2014 13:36:00 GMT -6
red19lite: smerrill, I have both oversizes in stock for g 34bss pm me if interested Nov 6, 2014 21:14:22 GMT -6
smerrill: red19lite, what's the best way to PM you. Just joined this board but haven't navigated the site enough to see an option to PM through this board. Nov 7, 2014 13:05:10 GMT -6
red19lite: smerrill got and replied to your email, kevin Nov 8, 2014 14:10:26 GMT -6
portagelake1: Looking for a left and right side and center panel for a sno sport wide track are they still available for this machine. I believe its a 1970, can't find the build date. Nov 21, 2014 7:03:08 GMT -6
snosnake: I have reproduced panels for all of the 71-73 Rupp's. If you have a 3 part belly pan more then likely it is a 71. You can email or call me. nitro76@aol.com 507-533-8803 Nov 25, 2014 16:04:00 GMT -6
lemans1955: should be on the tunnel near the footrest. Dec 14, 2014 17:41:41 GMT -6
ruppgreenhorn: does anyone have gas tank for 1971 sprint that's clean inside and for sale call 218-553-0812 joe thank u Jan 5, 2015 21:48:45 GMT -6
dooguy007: ... but born and raised on a Rupp. Looking for a 71 WT 440 rear compartment. Text or call Mark at 717-951-9210 if you've got one available. Jan 9, 2015 22:10:20 GMT -6
Rupp Daddy: Does any one have any info on 440 tohatsu crank bearings where to find any?? Jan 11, 2015 0:59:03 GMT -6
sport: does any one know where it can find a rear idler sprocket for a 1973 rupp sport Jan 11, 2015 15:09:59 GMT -6
DENNIS: Any one have a head and base gasket set for a 73 295 nitro Jan 15, 2015 21:49:03 GMT -6
snosnake: I do, your Judgeship Jan 16, 2015 12:05:02 GMT -6
DENNIS: Rick ill get it from you at waconia thank you Jan 16, 2015 21:41:48 GMT -6
ruppgreenhorn: just wonder what spark plugs to use in kec 340 in 1971 sprint thanks for any help. Jan 19, 2015 1:30:16 GMT -6
smallengineman09: all you rupp guys out there how and the heck do you remove the primary clutch on my 77 nitro ive just about tried everything whats the trick ? Jan 25, 2015 8:01:26 GMT -6
red19lite: if your clutch is a hex arctic I have had best luck with two piece comet duster puller has same 9/16 nf thread Jan 25, 2015 13:42:29 GMT -6
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