JLO "R" 295 Single for sale.


snosnake: From now on if you are a guest your posts will be deleted. It's not that hard to sign on. Apr 25, 2014 14:29:15 GMT -6
ruppgreenhorn: just wondering what the length of john deer track is u used in your conversion on your sprint and what year the artic cat drivers are thanks for your help Apr 27, 2014 12:51:17 GMT -6
ruppgreenhorn: what is ppd im new to all rupp stuff. I picked up 1975 john deer looks like same track and suspension u used can I use them drivers if I have bored to fit rupp shaft? how do u figure out if its 2.52 pitch thanks for your time. Apr 28, 2014 6:31:14 GMT -6
ruppgreenhorn: I don't know sight real well yet I hope I did it right. Apr 28, 2014 13:15:46 GMT -6
pathfinder: Anyone have a source for the correct track clips for the 72-73 Nitro tracks? Also what type of clip tool works, I've tried several and they all don't get the clip tight enough! Thanks May 3, 2014 9:37:17 GMT -6
Me: Snow and cold rule. May 3, 2014 16:37:36 GMT -6
pathfinder: Thanks Rupplover, I'll try Bob Sapp. May 4, 2014 9:17:41 GMT -6
wesley: Hi I just found a 69 GTX behind a barn it is complete other that it has no seat . Can I find parts in Mi. for it I have been told it was a built racer with the motor done by a well known person . Was it worth the $20 I paid for it ??? May 13, 2014 21:24:52 GMT -6
wesley: I will have pics up soon . May 13, 2014 21:25:35 GMT -6
BeatUpRupp: Just found a '72 Nitro 340 hanging out near a relative's house. They claim it has an "experimental" engine in it and it was very fast. Even though it has sat outside for 20 years they won't sell it!! Jun 20, 2014 19:00:01 GMT -6
lemans1955: Lets get some pics of that thing, maybe if it really is something special some cash will persuade them. Always works for me. Jun 25, 2014 20:13:06 GMT -6
ruppgreenhorn: just wondering if anyone can help me out I picked up 1973 nitro 440 it wont suck gas out of tank. you think its diaphragm in carb cheak valve in tank or crank seals thanks for any in put Jul 6, 2014 9:56:40 GMT -6
snosnake: Hey ruppgreenhorn I would say your just going to have to check it out. Thats a fix you can not do over the internet. Just start with the easy things first like the tank pick-up. Jul 7, 2014 19:22:31 GMT -6
wiscrupped: Hello, Can someone tell me where a good place to order decals from? Thanks! Jul 29, 2014 20:44:28 GMT -6
Ruppsforever: sledstuff.com Jul 30, 2014 16:29:12 GMT -6
wiscrupped: Ok thanks. Just restored a 25 rouge i hope they have the decal thats around the key Jul 30, 2014 20:20:21 GMT -6
ruppluver: wesley did the disappearing act,after he said he would post pictures of his $20 GTX find.That was 4 MONTHS AGO. He probably won't be back. Aug 10, 2014 19:34:55 GMT -6 *
lugnut1962: looking for elect starter for a tr 440 rupp. Aug 27, 2014 21:50:24 GMT -6
kluth: Lugnut, there was a guy on the Farmington, MN Craigslist pages selling starters for the Tohatsu motors. Aug 29, 2014 13:18:17 GMT -6
ruppluver: lugnut1962,comes here,wants starter,then doesn't return.He didn't answer pm.Complete waste of time.Did he get one or not? I guess,WHO CARES!!! I surely don't. Sept 29, 2014 11:06:02 GMT -6 *
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